We’re pretty sure that Meghan Markle got her wedding dress inspo from Jenny from the block

Jlo 2.0 and her prince.

By Katie Stow

You may have only just recovered from the glory that was the royal wedding, where we saw the gorgeous Meghan Markle marry the oh-so dashing Prince Harry, making her the brand new Duchess of Sussex and the goddamn queen of our hearts.

The wedding was stuffed to the brim with cute AF moments between Harry and Meghan, as well as celebrity spotting left, right and centre, but the one thing everyone was waiting for was the big reveal of the bride's wedding dress.

Meghan Markle wore an unforgettable custom Givenchy gown for her wedding ceremony, that featured a boat neck cut and a simple, slightly figure hugging silhouette — and it was still modest enough to abide by the royal rules.

The dress will, no doubt, influence a number of brides when they shop their wedding day look, and we were super keen to know who inspired Ms. Markle.

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We thought that we hadn't seen this conservative, royal look before, but it seems that the Suits actress actually followed in the footsteps of two royals and a certain big-booty singer…

Let us take you back to the wonder that was The Wedding Planner, starring old mate Jennifer (from the block) Lopez. Jlo wore one heck of a satin frock during her own wedding scene, and her neckline looks near-identical to Meghan's.

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But Meghan Markle must have had a flick through some royal history books, as she seems to have also been inspired by Princess Mary of Denmark on her big day.

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And potentially Queen Victoria herself! Who too opted for an off-shoulder ~lewk~.

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Okay, that last one may have been a stretch, but how fun are those slider things?!