Sharon Osbourne speaks out about Mel B’s alleged domestic abuse

“She had a black eye and bruises everywhere.”

By Emily Kerr
mel b sharon osbourne

The details surrounding Mel B’s separation from husband of ten years, Stephen Belafonte, are deeply, deeply disturbing.

After obtaining a restraining order against him earlier this week and detailing horrific accounts of abuse she says she endured throughout their relationship, Mel’s X-Factor co-star, Sharon Osbourne, has spoken out to back up her claims.

On top of many events outlined in court documents obtained by TMZ, Sharon recalls an X Factor finale three years ago, when Mel missed a day of filing after being hospitalised.

“In the situation that she's been in for 10 years, it's not just physical, it's mental abuse too,” Sharon revealed on US talk show The Talk on Friday.

“Three years ago, in the final two days of X Factor, she didn't make the first day and she was in the hospital.

“And it was reported in all the papers that said 'allegedly' she's been beaten by her husband. And she came back for the final day and she had a black eye and bruising everywhere, but she made the final.”

Belafonte has spoken out to deny all of the domestic violence allegations made against him.

“This has been brewing and people talking for a very, very long time,” Sharon added.

“You know what, she's a good girl. She's a great mother. She works her bum off.”

According to the TMZ-obtained court documents, this wasn’t the only time Mel’s work on The X Factor was impacted. In July 2012, when taping a segment with fellow judge Usher, the documents claim Belafonte launched into a jealous rage and punched the singer in the mouth. When she asked how she could work with the injury, he allegedly said she should have thought of that before deciding to "flirt with and f—Usher.”

The declaration also makes claims that:

“Thank God she got away," a source told Entertainment Tonight of their marriage.

"Mel's friends are shocked that it took her this long to finally leave him, but are so relieved that it happened. Everyone is so proud that she finally had the courage to leave him."

"Mel never told friends just how bad the abuse was but everyone knew how scared of him she really was."

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