Miley Cyrus crying during her Billboard Music Awards performance will give you all the feels

Totes emosh.

We’re used to seeing her twerking up a storm while wearing latex and nipple pasties, so it was a total shock to the system when Miley Cyrus got real AF at today's Billboard Music Awards while performing her single ‘Malibu’.

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Being introduced to the stage by by papa Billy Ray Cyrus and her little sister Noah Cyrus, the pair managed to take a sly crack at the star, saying,

"For the first time in years with pants on, my big sis Miley Cyrus!"

Performing her ~dreamy~ new hit wearing a super casual outfit of white shorts and a billowy top, the 24-year-old visibly choked up with emotion towards the end of the song, basically sending the entire Twitterverse into tears with her.

Even former nemesis Nicki Minaj caught the feels, as she was seen applauding Miley’s performance and later spotted liking a snap of the singer on Billboard’s Instagram.

It was a big moment for the former wild child, with sister Noah revealing on the red carpet prior to the show that the whole fam had tagged along, saying,

"I'm so excited for Miley. I'm literally so proud of her. My mum is here, my dad is here, my sister, Brandi, is here. Like, it's just such an exciting night, and I'm getting all emotional for Miley, because I'm really happy for her," she spilled, adding, "I'm just so excited to be here with her and watch her perform, because she was there for me for my first big awards show. I'm just so excited to be here and be able to give it back to her."

Following the performance, the starlet was joined backstage by her hunky fiancé Liam Hemsworth, who also happens to be the subject of the totes emosh tune.

We’re so happy to finally see Miley in a good place, and for the record we’re definitely not crying, you are...

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