Watch Miley Cyrus drop the ‘F’ bomb on live TV

Well, you know what they say: she’s just being Miley.

By Lorna Gray

You never know what to expect when Miley Cyrus is around and that’s probably why she’s so darn endearing.

The loveable little loose unit was on the Today Show when she dropped a massive F bomb. On live TV. As you do.

It happened during the commercial break and Miley didn’t realise the sound was on.

She starts by saying “I don’t know what to do with my face right now” before shouting a big old “FUCK”.

She recently ditched her publicist and said she won’t be walking any more red carpets (boo). We enjoy the realness, TBF.

And we could do with shouting FUCK ourselves RN. Well, it is Monday after all.

Keep doing you, Miley.