Miley Cyrus just deleted all of her Instagram posts

Every photo of Liam Hemsworth and more are gone from her Instagram...

Miley Cyrus' 76 million Instagram fans have noticed something strange about her account: all her photos are gone.

Word is, the 25-year-old began the Great Purge of 2018 on Thursday evening and by Friday morning her whole account was wiped.

And Insta isn't the only social media platform getting a clean up. Miley has taken down her profile photo and banner on Twitter but left her tweets intact.

But before we go and speculate that all isn't good in Miley's hood—her luva Liam Hemsworth still has all his pictures with the star up online—perhaps it would be wiser to assume the move is a sign of good things to come.

Many fans seem pretty resolute that the Malibu singer is just pulling a Taylor Swift and revamping her social media ahead of some new music or creative release.