Miley Cyrus totally just got insta-official with Liam Hemsworth with this selfie

Um, jealous much?

We’re now officially doubly jealous of Miss Miley Cyrus.

Not only does she get to cuddle up to Liam Hemsworth but she also gets to snuggle his adorable dog, Dora.

This is Dora, FYI.

Anyways, check out this ADORABLE snap she posted with Dora.

It’s also a totally sneaky way of being like “GUYS, WE’RE TOTALLY TOGETHER” but we know, Miley. We know.

Miley looks super chill and happy in the snap (as would we if we were getting Dora cuddles).

The story behind how Dora became Liam’s is adorable AF too and is probably when we suspected they were headed for a reconciliation again.

Can we please swap lives, Miley? Just for a day? Maybe 2?

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