Miley Cyrus just won Valentine's Day with her shout out to Liam Hemsworth

Actually crying RN (with laughter).

By Erin Van Der Meer
Miley Cyrus just won Valentine's Day with her shout out to Liam Hemsworth

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when couples can get away with being as cheesy as they want on social media, celebrities included.

But not Miley Cyrus. Nope, in typical Miley fashion, the animal-loving happy hippie made sure her shout-out to boyfriend/rumoured husband Liam Hemsworth was the furthest thing from mushy. It was effing hilarious.

Without further ado, drum roll …

Yes, that is Liam’s head on Miley’s body next to an actual photo of Miley. We have no idea if Miley made it, or Liam, or one of their obsessed fans … but we love it.

Miley, who is rumoured to have married Liam over the Christmas holidays although they haven’t confirmed or denied this, also revealed what the couple got up to for Valentine’s Day – a walk with their beloved brood of dogs. She posted several pics of Liam and the dogs walking along the beach having a chilled day, which is so Miley and Liam. Doncha just love these two?

ICYMI, Miley and Liam had an epic party on New Year’s Eve with both their families in attendance, which started rumours that they might have tied the knot in a ceremony at home. But until they fill us in, we’ll just have to wait and wonder.

Miley and Liam were also recently reported to be considering buying a home in Byron Bay right near Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, and we really, really, really hope that’s true. Australia welcomes you with open arms, Miley and Liam! We've got a feeling you'll fit right in.