Miley Cyrus officially getting it on with Stella Maxwell

The two beauties were just snapped pashing in public.

Miley Cyrus has just been spotted kissing a girl, and damn, she's a BABE.

The 22-year-old singer, who only recently came out as bi, was snapped FULL ON making out with none other than 24-year-old Stella Maxwell. Yup, the Victoria's Secret model she's recently been getting selfie-happy with.

MiCy was apparently taking a break from shooting her new music video when she canoodled with Stella behind a truck outside The Palm Beverly Hills. We get it, priiiiivacy.

After whispering what were probably sweet nothings to each other, they proceeded to dance around the car park. Word is they knew they were being photographed... they even made direct eye contact with the papz before they got their groove thang on.

Miley met Stella a few months ago, possibly through Mi's assistant and maybe even through Grindr, well, that's what Stella told V Magazine. Since then, they've been setting the world on fire, taking luxurious trips to Las Vegas and beyond.

Meanwhile, Miley's also been putting on a show for that very same mag, V. She's just bared her boobs for her 'Diary of a Dirty Hippie' spread.

Have a look at it here, if you dare. The nudity is all g but also features bizarro outfits galore, weird props and absurd poses.

But IS it as odd as her recent spread for Paper mag?

You keep doing you, Miles.