Miley Cyrus went undercover as a subway performer and here's what happened

~It's a party in the subway.~

Miley Cyrus threw back to her Hannah Montana days for a recent segment of The Tonight Show, where she went incognito as a country street busker on the subway with Jimmy Fallon – and the result was hilar.

With Miley donning a black wig and cowboy hat and Jimmy dressing in what we imagine was an outfit straight out of Billie Ray Cyrus’ closet, the pair kicked off with a jaunty rendition of Dolly Parton's Jolene as a small crowd began to gather to check out the commotion.

"Hey guys I'm here at the 50th Street subway station right below Rockefeller Centre, and Miley Cyrus and I are about to go onto the subway platform and start in disguise. Nobody knows that this is going to happen, and nobody knows that it's Miley Cyrus," Jimmy said.

Their crafty disguises were no match for commuters, however, with the 24-year-old’s distinct vocals basically outing her from the get go.

After the jig was up, they ripped off their wigs to reveal their true identities, and the crowd went nuts as Miley performed ‘Party in the USA’ 'Party in the Subway'.

Check out their fab performance below.