Here's a definitive timeline of the Miley and Liam lovestory

A true love story <3

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been shifting between dating, being engaged, living together, breaking up and getting engaged again for as long as we can remember.

The two have had a roller-coaster romance, so what better excuse to take a look at the good times, and the bad ...that eventually got them to where they are today.

JUNE 2009: Miley and Liam meet on the set of Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song and fall in love on screen and off...

NOVEMBER 2009: Miley tells Seventeen magazine Liam is her "best friend".

MARCH 2010: Miley and Liam make their debut and confirm their relationship on the red carpet at an Oscars event.

The two also walk the red carpet together for The Last Song premiere.


JUNE 2010: Miley tells MTV News that Liam was the inspiration for her song Can't Be Tamed. "There are a lot of songs that are about Liam. All of them are about him in a way, but it's also about past relationships that you gotta get over and move on and just about freeing yourself from anything that you feel holds you back," she said.

AUGUST 2010: Miley and Liam reportedly break up for the first time, due to her busy work schedule.

SEPTEMBER 2010: The two run errands together, causing speculation that they are back on.

NOVEMBER 2010: A source tells E! that they are having a "time out".

APRIL 2011: The two are back on and "taking it slow and enjoying each other's company".

DECEMBER 2011: Liam and Miley attend the CNN Heroes Gala in LA.


FEBRUARY 2012: More Oscar parties are attended together, and Liam tells Details that Miley makes him "really happy."

They also attend the glamorous Vanity Fair post-Oscars bash together.


MARCH 2012: Liam brings Miley to The Hunger Games premiere, and engagement rumours swirl as Miley is spotted with a ring on her finger.


MARCH 2012: Miley denies engagement rumours on her Twitter.

JUNE 2012: THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!! Miley tells People, "I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam".


NOVEMBER 2012: Miley on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, says her wedding "has to be perfect" and "has to be like a soundtrack in a movie".

JANUARY 2013: The couple go on a ~romantic~ holiday in Costa Rica together.


FEBRUARY 2013: Miley and Perez Hilton have a Twitter spat over rumours Miley cheated with Ed Westwick.

Liam and Miley attend separate Oscar parties...

MARCH 2013: Miley is seen without her engagement ring.

Andddd then the ring is back...

APRIL 2013: Billy Ray Cyrus tells Nightline that he doesn't know if Miley and Liam will get married. "They're young, they're kids. The great news is they're great friends. And if you end up getting married, that's your business too, you know?"

People* quotes a source saying the couple wants to postpone the wedding.

JUNE 2013: Miley and Liam attend a movie together, after five months of not being seen together.

AUGUST 2013: The two attend Paranoia premiere together, their last red carpet appearance before the engagement was called off.


AUGUST 2013: The twerking happened.

SEPTEMBER 2013: Miley unfollows Liam on Twitter burrrn and her rep confirms the engagement is off. Liam then makes out with Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez.

Miley breaks down during her 'Wrecking Ball' performance which was believed to be about Liam.

OCTOBER 2013: Miley opens up in Cosmopolitan's December 2013 issue: "This is the best time of my life. I'm not going to look back on it and be like, 'I wish I hadn't been dwelling over a breakup,' you know? Because that's not what God wants my life to be about right now."

JULY 2014: Liam talks about how he and Miley will "always be best friends" - ADORABLE! Takes a vaycay in Italy.

OCTOBER 2014: Liam tells NYLON that "there's not much to say," about him and Miley, but there is "no bad blood" between the two...

NOVEMBER 2014: 'Piley' happened, Miley and Patrick Schwarzenegger are ON!

DECEMBER 2014: Chris Hemsworth kinda sorta has a dig at Miley.

MARCH 2015: Patrick get's dirty with another girl on Spring Break!

APRIL 2015: Piley is OVER!

JULY 2015: Miley admits she is a pansexual but single to Elle UK after she and Stella Maxwell start dating rumours after riding "dinosaurs"...

OCTOBER 2015: Liam talks to Men's Fitness about his time with Miley. "[She was] an important part of my life. You fall in love with who you fall in love with; you can never choose."

Miley wears a TMNT onesie that looks suspiciously like Liam's...

NOVEMBER 2015: Miley helps Liam adopt a puppy!!! Meet Dora.

JANUARY 2016: Miley visits us here in #STRAYA and hangs out with the Hemsworths at Byron Bay's Falls Festival.

Miley also reportedly moves in with Liam as she is seen with a moving truck in front of his home.

GOD BLESS THIS COUPLE! People sources claim that Miley is "ecstatic" about the rekindled love, and suddenly, all is right in the world.

APRIL 2016: Miley and Liam are seen in public together for the first time since getting engaged again, first in Hollywood getting lunch at a vegan restaurant and then back Down Under in Byron Bay.

MAY 2016: Miley and Elsa Pataky (Liam's brother's wife) get matching tattoos of cute little waves while they're in Australia together. Pro surfer Kelly Slater also jumps on the bandwagon, as you can see in this pic:

The same weekend sees Miley and Liam attend a friend's wedding in Australia, with Miley performing an acoustic set for the newlyweds.

Also in May, Liam gets reeeeal candid in an interview with GQ about his relationship. He reveals that their 2013 break-up was really tough on him, "But at the time we were going in different directions and it's just what needed to happen. We were both super young and it was a good decision at the time — we both needed that."

JUNE 2016: Miley takes a cheeky mirror selfie whilst wearing a jersey with the name 'HEMSWORTH' branded across the back. You guessed it, more marriage rumours followed.

JULY 2016: Miley gets a goddamn Vegemite tattoo on her left arm by artist Dr. Woo. As Vegemite is Liam's favourite spread, we can assume that this inking was in his honour.

Liam also makes a casual appearance on Miley's Insta while wearing a shirt from her Happy Hippie Foundation. But before the end of the month, Miley wears a different ring, and the world flips out about whether it's a wedding band.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Liam posts a throwback shot of himself and Miley on the set of The Last Song (AKA where they fell in love). They look so young and innocent, and ABS!

OCTOBER 2016: Miley confirms that she's engaged to Liam Hemsworth on Ellen.

NOVEMBER 2016: Miley and Liam are spotted out and about in LA, hitting up a photography exhibition. They then shared cute AF pics of them being ~cultural~.

Liam gives a birthday shout-out to Miley, sharing a picture of her holding her present in bed.

DECEMBER 2016: It's the festive season! And Miley and Liam suuuuure know how to celebrate in style...

JANUARY 2017: Miley shares some adorable photos from her New Year's Eve with Liam and their families. She calls him "hot" because it's true.

Miley also gives Liam a birthday shout-out on Instagram, calling him her "favourite being."

FEBRUARY 2017: The couple spends Valentine's Day with their puppies.

May 2017: Miley releases her new single 'Malibu' — a song she wrote in an Uber on the way to her day job at The Voice. The song is 100 per cent about Liam, and she confirms in an interview with Billboard that she wanted to make it about her relationship so she could "take back the narrative" after it being in the spotlight for so long.

Miley hired Liam to create the cover art for her single, featuring her engagement ring in every shot. CAUTE.

JULY 2017: Liam calls Miley his "little angel" on the 'gram.

SEPTEMBER 2017: Miley speaks out about weddings and marriage with The Sun on Sunday, saying:

In the same interview, Miley revealed that she and Liam maintained a private friendship during their time apart. "I didn't know [we'd get back together]. I'm so crazy I have no idea. But I had something in my heart, it never felt like it was really over. We kept a great friendship really private. It's good for people to have that space to grow individually. Otherwise when you're with someone from 16 until 24, you grow into the same person."

To celebrate Miley's Younger Now album drop, Liam posts this cute cartoon selfie of them both.

The album contains several songs that make reference to Liam, including 'Malibu', 'Week Without You,' and 'She's Not Him', which is believed to be about Miley's brief romance with model Stella Maxwell during her time apart from Liam in 2015.

OCTOBER 2017: Miley spills the beans on her breakup, talking to Howard Stern she says, "I had to [end it]. I don't like when relationships are two halves trying to make a whole... So, I don't think that I have that co-dependency. I think people that break up and get back together, that's awesome. You get time to be yourself. You get time to grow up. I think if you're growing up attached to another person, you never really get solid as your own being."

The couple attend their first joint red carpet appearance in YONKS, turning up for Liam's big bro's movie premiere for Thor: Ragnarok.

November 2017: Miley sparks pregnancy rumours after sharing a photo of herself in an oversized shirt over Thanksgiving. However, before things got too out of control, Miley posted on her Instagram story saying, "Not pregnant just eating a shit ton of tofurkey. Rude!!!!"

JANUARY 2018: Miley and Liam jet off to Australia ahead of his 28th birthday and they're spotted strolling around Gold Coast together. Miley wears a perfectly patriotic t-shirt for the occasion.

FEBRUARY 2018: Miley wishes Liam a happy Valentine's Day with this cute boomerang from the set of her Converse shoot, where she can be seen holding a heart-shaped cutout of "Lili", which is Liam's nickname.

MARCH 2018: The couple walk the red carpet at the Oscars, showing up at Elton John's annual AIDS Foundation get-together and later at the Vanity Fair after-party.

APRIL 2018: Miley shares a video of herself and Liam on a road trip, which was all looking very lovely until Liam pulls a prank on Miss Cyrus.

MAY 2018: The couple visits Sir Elton John in Las Vegas, where they grab a happy snap with the musician.

JUNE 2018: The pair are spotted walking the streets of LA, grabbing a casual green juice. All looks well until...

JULY 2018: Out of nowhere, Miley Cyrus deletes every single one of her Instagram pictures — including all the adorable snaps of her and Liam together. Naturally, break-up rumours begin to swirl and fans are freaking out that the couple have officially called it quits. Of course, it could just be a classic celebrity publicity stunt for a new album drop or movie release (a la Taylor Swift and Blake Lively)...

Liam remains silent about Miley following the mass delete — only taking to the 'gram to share a picture from the set of his new movie, Isn't It Romantic. We get that you're probably not trying to rub it in, Liam, but now does not seem the time to be making love references!

JULY 2018: Liam confirms what we were all hoping for but too scared to wish—he and Miley are still together and going strong. The evidence? A video shared to his Instagram story of him doing a good old mid-driving prank on poor Miley.

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