Neville Longbottom is a TOTAL babe now

Emma Watson just tweeted a pic to prove it.

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! A new (incredibly hot) photo of Neville Longbottom AKA Matthew Lewis has hit the interwebs. And this one’s courtesy of Hermione Granger herself.

Matthew’s former co-star, Emma Watson, tweeted a snap of him in character for his BBC3 series Bluestone 42 and Harry Potter fans are losing their shiz. Us included. Because, well, JUST LOOK AT HIM:

“He looks very serious here but is hilarious in #Bluestone42. Watch @Mattdavelewis on @BBCthree Monday@10pm. So Good!!” Emma captioned the pic.

In case you were wondering, Bluestone 42 is a comedy series that follows a group of soldiers serving in a bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan. It’s in its third series and Matthew has just jumped on board as Corporal Gordon House AKA Tower Block. Which, given how hot he is, seems like a good enough reason to watch.