See Princess Charlotte And Prince George Meet The New Royal Baby

These little royals continue to warm our cold, dead hearts.

Princess Charlotte has more than one reason to celebrate the arrival of her new baby brother.

Not only will she have sole custody of Kate's enviable wardrobe and the royal jewellery collection, but she also remains as fourth in line to the throne.

Thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013, Charlotte became the first female royal to hold onto her claim to the crown regardless of whether her new sibling was a girl or boy.

Traditionally, thanks to royal legislation that was originally drawn up in 1701, Charlotte would have been bumped to fifth after the birth of her baby brother on Monday but the Queen set about amending the outdated rules after Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011.

Judging from her appearance outside St Mary's Hospital as she and brother George made their way inside to meet their new bro early Tuesday morning, Charlotte was born to rule.

While George, still in his school uniform, kept his head down and quickly made his way inside; Charlotte strutted out of the Land Rover to greet her fans and loyal subjects by waving like a seasoned professional and lapped up the attention of the world.