A timeline of Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld’s relationship

They both know they’re beautiful.

By Jess Pullar

Let's be honest, we're still devo over the fact that One Direction aren't a thing any more — the thought of never seeing the boys banter and shake their adorable booties concurrently on stage together makes us want to sob into our now-vintage One Direction merch for days on end.

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But once we've gathered our emotions together, we really should celebrate the fact the boys are positively flourishing these days — Zayn has dated one of the hottest gals on the planet, Harry is fighting the good fight and Louis and Liam are now proud papas' raising their own little tykes.

But what of our favourite Irish blondie Niall Horan? Well, he's also been blessed in the romantic department, now dating none other than Hollywood beauty, Hailee Steinfeld.

While the pair are yet to confirm things officially, it's pretty clear these two lovebirds have a good thing going on. To prove it, we've taken a deep dive into all the moments that have led them to couple-status.

Behold, the story of [their] lives:

11 December, 2017: Insta offish-ish

Niall posts a gushy Instagram tribute to Hailee, calling her the "loveliest person on the planet and one of my best friends". He also casually drops the L-bomb (nope, not a drill), ending the post with "Love ya hails". Ummm, CUTE.

17 February, 2018: Backstreet's back

In what could be classed as the most appropriately themed date of the century, the former boy band member accompanied Hailee to see one of the OG boy band greats – the Backstreet Boys.

Can you imagine their yarns? Niall would be all like "Oh that move they just did would be so hard to get perfectly in-sync, speaking from experience btw," while Hails is like, "Tell me whyyyyy, ain't nothing but a — sorry huh what'd you say!?"

24th March, 2018: The T-shirt that made us flip out

Hailee sends Directioners' hearts into overdrive when she posts a Twitter pic of her wearing one of Niall's tour T-shirts.

And while it was just a T-shirt, people took it verrry seriously. Exhibit A: the reactions to said post.

14th April 2018: Golf getaway

The pair reportedly attend the US Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia, staying in the same house together. I mean, we could think of more romantic things to do than watching golf, but it's the thought that counts, amiright?

31st May, 2018: Niall, no-thongs, and perfect snogging

Niall and Hailey are spotted smooching at a BBC Music event, where one of the network producers, Fiona Hanlon, confirmed she'd seen the couple "snogging". How very quaint.

16th July, 2018: Shopping in NYC

The couple are snapped wandering around NYC's Fifth Avenue ahead of Hailee's performance at Radio City Music Hall. Going shopping and attending concerts together totally constitutes relationship territory, right!?

So what's next for these two cutie pies? We're personally hoping for an on-stage duet between the two. High School Musical Troy and Gabriella style. Stay tuned...