Niall Horan reveals the adorable way the One Direction boys stay in touch

Such cuties.

They may be on an indefinite hiatus, but it doesn’t mean the One Direction boys don’t still keep in touch (we don’t think we could handle it if they didn’t tbh).

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As they each embark on their own solo careers, former 1D babe Niall Horan has revealed exactly how the guys keep each other in the loop of what the haps are.

Speaking to Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, Niall was asked,

“You've got such a good working relationship with them because you were hugely successful together. Do you have to call them and play them that?”

He added, “Because we've got to work out a schedule here because essentially we've got five new male solo acts so you can't all be releasing that on the same day...there must be some sort of planning. Do you have a little what's app group?”

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“There's a bit of an email chain,” Niall revealed.

And with Harry and Niall both dropping singles in the same week, Niall admitted the boys DGAF if they drop music at the same time.
“We don't try to work it around each other. If it falls, it falls, it's happened before,” he added.

The boys have been busy AF with their new music, with Haz releasing Sign of the Times and Sweet Creature, Louis dropping dance number Just Hold On and Niall’s Slow Hands hitting the airwaves last week.

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"We are all weirdly perfectionists, so we don't play anything until it's completely finished because we don't like early demos and stuff like that," Niall said. "But yeah, that's the next step for me, to go and play stuff for the boys. They're always asking 'When's it coming?' 'What you doing?' I do the same to them."

Soooo, someone wanna add us to this email chain pls?