Nicki Minaj paid off more than $34k of her fans’ student loans bc she’s a damn ANGEL

Bless you, Barbz.

By Mahalia Chang
Nicki Minaj.

In case you needed more reasons to love the Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, here's one for you: Ms Minaj spent her weekend playing university fairy godmother for her fans.

The rapper and singer was on Twitter promoting a competition where fans who submitted a video of themselves singing her hit song, "Regret in Your Tears," would win a ticket to meet the queen herself at the Billboard Music Awards.

But in the exchange, one of her fans noted that a helping hand with their student loans would be more useful than a trip to L.A., to which Nicki responded... 'How much you need?'

The 34-year-old spent the rest of the night paying off her fans' loans, book costs and tuition fees — as long as they could prove they were getting straight As. From overdue loans to summer school applications, Nicki was there to help... to the tune of $34,000.


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