Everyone is wondering WTF is going on with Nicole Kidman's clapping style

This is… weird.

By Jessica Chandra
Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Oscars 2017

Everyone’s talking about Nicole Kidman’s appearance at the Oscars this year, but it’s not because she was nominated for an award, or because she was being completely adorable with her husband, Keith Urban.

Nope. It’s because of the way she claps. We need to talk about Nicole’s clapping style immediately.

What is this?

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Only the bottoms of her palms are touching!

Even here, Nicole seems a little confused by her clapping style.


Nicole’s clap first caught everyone’s attention when Justin Timberlake finished his opening Oscars performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Then, later on in the show, Nicole applauded again, and this clap made so much more sense.

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Some are speculating that Nicole’s finger bling may have been the reason she wouldn’t let her fingers meet in Clap #1. It looks like she MIGHT have taken off her rings in Clap #2.

Let’s all give Nicole’s round of applause a round of applause.

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