North West carries a Fendi bag worth $2600

Why is life so unfair?

By Erin Van Der Meer
North West carries a Fendi bag worth $2600

It's a strange thing to be jealous of a toddler, but that's the situation we find ourselves in after North West was seen carrying a Fendi bag worth $2600.

Kim Kardashian took her daughter out to lunch in New York this weekend, and little Nori's outfit was so cool we legit want to copy it: a velvet slip dress, choker, white sneakers and the aforementioned Fendi sheepskin Micro bag that retails for a cool AUD $2600. Her other accessory was a lollipop, because she is literally a child.

Kim didn't look so bad herself, in all-white everything and some mirrored shades, but her daughter completely stole the show.

Of course, we already knew North has a closet packed with designer gearas does Kim and Kanye's baby son, Saint – but this Fendi incident is a game changer. We're excited/terrified to see what else this toddler is packing, fashion-wise. Gulp.