North West’s mermaid birthday party is all our childhood dreams come true

Childhood, adulthood – same diff.

By Nikki Kinstlinger

Update: If you were in any doubt that North West had the absolute BEST third birthday ever, there’s even more proof. On top of their magical trip to Disneyland, the whole crew got together at Kim and Kanye’s Bel Air Mansion to celebrate Nori’s day #mermaidstyle.

And whaddaya know? Disney even came to them this time with princesses Ariel and some kind of split personality Sleeping-Elsa (there are actually shells on her head, you guys) practically running the shindig.

Even Aunty Khloe went all out for the party, posting a pic of her with lavender hair – as the kids requested.

WOW - and to think we were stoked with a frekkin' bouncy castle? We actually can’t even imagine how extravagant Nori’s Sweet 16th is gonna be…

Oh, and in case you weren’t done wishing you were North West, here are those Disneyland pics.

Original Story: It’s little North West’s 3rd birthday today, you guys, and we are just about ready to die of cuteness overload via Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

Kim posted the most adorable video (above) of her and North having a little chat about growing up, because these are the important discussions in life. While North stares at the camera with her big brown eyes, curly locks and baby teeth, Kim says, “You’re not going to get any bigger. You’re not going to get any taller. I want you to stay little forever, OK?” To which North so enthusiastically and understandably replies, “Kay.” The irony being that she has shared this on a day when North has officially added another 12 months to her age-belt, but honestly, we can feel Kimmy’s pain from here. We don’t want her to get bigger either! TBH, if we were Kim Kardashian’s kid, we also probably wouldn’t want to grow up. From what we’ve seen, North leads a better life than all of us adults put together. In another vid Kim smothers North in kisses, captioning the post with, “I will never stop kissing you and loving you and annoying you” and our ovaries are exploding all over the place.

For her special day it looks like North was treated to a trip to Disneyland, where she got to dress up as a real life princess (obvs one of the most fun things to do ever) and hang out with pretend forest animals.

Happy 3rd birthday, Northy! Thank you for inspiring 3+ year olds all over the world in more ways than you’ll ever know. RELATED: Sorry, but North West's closet is better than your whole house RELATED: Here's the first photo of Saint West (with a North cameo, of course!) RELATED VIDEO: North West promises she won't grow up