Paris Hilton just called Lindsay Lohan a pathological liar and it’s like we’re back in 2006

The saga continues…

By Jess Pullar

Before the Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift debacle, there was another iconic girl-duo at loggerheads: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Their widely publicised disagreements date back to 2006.

Neither Lindsay nor Paris have done anything to dispel the rumours of a feud. If anything, they continue to add fuel to the fire. From Lindsay allegedly dropping the c-word in reference to Paris, to dating each others' exes — and who could forget the time Hilton famously told Larry King Live, "I have no friends in rehab"... while Lohan was in rehab.

Now, 12 years later, the engines are still revving on this fiasco. Instagram account @Paris2000s recently shared a video where Lohan claims Paris threw a drink on her at a party, before changing her mind about what happened, and taking back the statement.

What an iconic piece of cinematography. Paris Hilton actually commented on the Instagram post calling Lindsay a "pathological liar." See below:

Clearly old wounds don't heal when it comes to these two. Here's hoping they can make amends.