These snaps from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian's trip to Ibiza in 2006 are everything

The early 2000s were a magical time.

Who can forget the days before Kim Kardashian was one of the most famous women on the planet and instead played Paris Hilton’s lowly sidekick-slash-closet organiser?

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We certainly can’t, and by the looks of Paris’ recent tweets, neither can she.

Taking to the social media platform, the undisputed queen of the 2000s blessed us with some seriously old school snaps of a #GirlsTrip to Ibiza alongside Kimmy and Caroline Damore from way back in 2006, and the gals look like they partied up a storm.

"Good Times in Ibiza with @KimKardashian & @CarolineDamore #GirlsTrip2006," she captioned the post, with Kim later retweeting the party pics.

It seems all the 2000s-era party girls are reminiscing on the days of old, with fellow noughties socialite Lindsay Lohan recently attempting to reunite her old squad by tweeting an invite out to Paris, Britney Spears and ahem.. Beyonce, asking them to join her in celebrating her birthday in Mykonos.

No word on whether or not B and the twins have accepted LiLo’s invite yet..

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