Turns out, Perth Fashion Festival was a hotspot for ex-Bachelor babes

Richie and Alex were there… and so was Nikki.

By Erin Cook

So, it seems that Perth Fashion Festival is THE place to be right now… especially if you took part in season 4 of The Bachelor.

On Sunday night, Perth local Richie took his new babe Alex Nation along to the festivities. While they were there, Alex bumped into Megan Marx. (You know, the Bachie fave who shocked EVERYONE when she casually walked out…) Not wanting to miss out on the action, Rachael was there too!

As it so happens, Nikki Gogan – who came runner up in the series – was also at the Perth Fashion Festival. However, Nikki made her appearance a few days earlier at the festival’s Myer Fashion Launch. Was this a case of opposing schedules or a calculated PR move to avoid having the two Bachie finalists in the same room? Either way, we’d love to sit in on a conversation between Nikki, Alex and Richie. What would they talk about? The weather…?

All of the girls – and Richie for that matter – looked like their usual ~GLAMOUROUS~ selves for the occasion.

Note to self: book tickets to Perth for next year’s fashion week.