Um, Pete Davidson And His Ex Were Reportedly “On A Break” When He Started Dating Ariana Grande

It’s like Ross and Rachel all over again.

By Zoe Anastasiou

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship has moved unusually quickly, even by Hollywood standards. The couple began dating and got engaged all within the space of a month.

As we noted last week, both Ari and Pete got out of pretty serious, long-term relationships before falling for each other, though a new revelation has come to light today implying that Pete may not have been completely out of his relationship, after all.

According to TMZ, "sources close to the newly engaged couple say Pete and his ex-gf, Cazzie David, were "on a break" in early May--but not necessarily broken up for good."

Um, what?!

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TMZ did also note that Pete's ex-girlfriend Cazzie David is not upset about the situation, or "dwelling on her ex's quick rebound," which is more than we can say for the Ross and Rachel scenario in Friends.

We just hope that Cazzie doesn't write Pete a letter that is 18 pages, front and back.

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Despite this somewhat shady news, all appears to be well in the loved-up lives of Pete and Ariana. The SNL star just posted a photo of himself and his future bride, alongside the caption, "u know what you'd dream it be like ? it's better than that."

And it seems like we could be seeing the happy couple tie the knot a lot sooner than we had expected.

Stand up comedian Sherrod Small posted a photo of himself alongside Ariana, Pete (and John Mayer) yesterday, next to the caption "The Almost Newlyweds ❤❤❤so happy❤❤❤ Pete good move, she's smart, funny and adorable. Congrats."

Could Ariana and Pete be planning a secret wedding? Honestly, at this point, it wouldn't surprise us.