P!nk's parenting advice is a breath of fresh air for mums everywhere

“It’s so hard.”

Recently, we discovered that Pink is the supportive best friend we all deserve. (Side note: Pink, if you're reading this, call us! Let's hang out.) A few months ago, she called out the health industry for labeling her 'obese': "I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2 but dammit I don't feel obese. The only thing I'm feeling is myself. Stay off that scale ladies!" And just yesterday, Pink posted a really sweet note to Twitter about why mums should go easy on themselves.

"A really sweet Mama came up 2me tonight at the grocery store and told me some nice words about how she gets strength from my parenting cause I'm not afraid to fuck up in public.," she said. "We cried together. It's so hard. Y'all. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break."


Obviously, Pink's kind words struck a chord. That particular tweet has been retweeted over 6,000 times and liked over 73,000 times.

While parenting might be hard, Pink seems to have this whole mum thing down pat. Just take a look at these two cherubs, would you?