Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy reportedly had a tearful phone call before the royal wedding

What they said definitely explains Chelsy's expression at the royal wedding.

By Natasha Harding
Prince Harry Chelsy Davy phone call

The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be almost a week ago, but one image that will stick with us for years to come is the expression on Harry's ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy's, face while sitting among the guests moments before the ceremony.

Naturally, the internet did what they do best and meme'd TF out of the pic:

While viewers thought they had a preeeeettty good idea what she was thinking (in the words of Yvonne Fair, 'it should have been me'), new reports of a phone call between Harry and Chelsy means we might have even more insight into exactly wtf was going through her mind in this moment.

For those playing at home, Harry and Chelsy dated on and off for seven years (2004-2011) before calling it quits because Chelsy reportedly couldn't handle life in the spotlight. Since then, Harry was rumoured to still have feelings for his ex, with a source telling The Sun back in 2015 that, "Harry still holds a candle for her. Chelsy has his heart. They saw each other recently. There's still very much something between them, but Chelsy won't commit yet because she doesn't want to lead a life in the spotlight. Harry's very sensitive to that."

Fast-forward three years and Harry is clearly smitten with his now-wife Meghan Markle. But before the ceremony, the Prince is thought to have spoken to Chelsy.

"It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on," a family friend told
Vanity Fair.

"Chelsy was quite emotional about it all, she was in tears and almost didn't go to the wedding. In the end, she went and promised Harry she wouldn't try and gatecrash the party," the source added.

So, while we were initially worried about what the heck they were gonna chat about, it sounds like Haz just wanted to make a quick courtesy call to make sure things weren't gonna be weird on the day, 'cos Meghan's his bae and we ship them hard.

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