Prince Wills is so nice he just hands out his phone number to strangers

Because he's a royal gem.

The royals’ visit to NYC has been pretty damn great. Kate Middleton has been mistaken for princess Elsa, they’ve hung out courtside with JayZ and Beyoncé and now Prince William has handed out his telephone number. TO A STRANGER.

On Tuesday night, Wills and Kate visited educational centre The Door, where the couple watched a performance so inspiring that Prince William told the crowd it "should be on in the West End."

According to Us Weekly, Wills offered his contact info to one of the young men involved in the show’s creation.

"William said he wanted to help me put this together," Steven Prescod told Us. "He gave me his contact number and said to reach out to him. They brought hope to me. I had a low period in my life and never in a million years did I expect I would be performing for the Duke and Duchess."

Well, damn. If that doesn’t tug on your heartstrings we don’t know what will! Also, hold steady while we plan a performance that will knock some royal socks off next time they’re Down Under.