Princess Eugenie's fam have started selling their royal wedding gift bags on eBay for a LOT of money

Anyone willing to drop $1K on it?

By Katie Stow

The second royal wedding of the year took place over the weekend, with Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank tying the knot in front of the whole wide world.

The event gathered a whole heap of celebrity friends along with royal family members and a few fancy randoms, with everyone attending receiving a gift bag for devoting their time to the newlyweds.

The goodie bag consisted of a commemorative tote bag, a magnet, a biodegradable poncho, a chocolate coin, some shortbread biscuits and a casual can of water.

You can take a look at the bag's innards here:

While we would probably consider this gift bag to be pretty ~smeh~ it seems that some guests are trying to cash in on their free gifts and are now selling them on eBay!

According to the BBC, and have already placed their gift bags from the wedding up for sale, with some being flogged for as much as £1,000.

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Some sellers are justifying their asking price by saying that it's a "chance to buy your very own piece of British royal history," but honestly it just seems like a pretty dodgy way to scrape the $$$ back that you spent on your daft hat.

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