'Prison Bae' is now actually 'Model Bae' and hold on to your knickers, ladies

But he might not be going as far as we thought... literally.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Jeremy Meeks Prison Bae is now a model


OK so we admit it, we got a little over-excited when we heard that ‘Prison Bae’ was out of the slammer and had scored himself a modelling contract. Yes, we realise this guy is a pretty hard core criminal, but we’re suckers for a bad-boy-turned-good story!

Well Jeremy Meeks has shared a few test shots to his Twitter for our viewing pleasure but it looks like they reveal more about his ‘budding career’ than we might have expected.

Whilst he is still looking damn fine in every frame, Meeks admits that he is limited in his abilities, due to a little problem called #housearrest.

Ohhhh, that old chestnut!

Thankfully for us (well, our eyes) his management has made the most of a shitty situation and found great places around the house to take his latest shots. Anyone down for just chillin’ in the car which will remain parked in the driveway? What about shirtless hot guys doing dishes? We’ll take two! Hey, at least his work will come to him. Everyone loves working from home, right?

We’re not sure how long he is on house arrest for but we’re hoping the combination will keep him on the straight and narrow until he is ready to be set free on to the catwalks of Milan.

** ORIGINAL STORY:** Jeremy Meeks shot to cyber-fame after his really, really, ridiculously good looking mugshot from the Stockton Police Department went viral back in 2014. From that point on he was known as 'Prison Bae', 'Hot Felon', and 'Hot Mugshot Guy', amongst other things (within the privacy of our own brains cough CILF cough). The sexy crim was sent to prison for, like, weapons or shootings or something something something. It was pretty bad, BUT was released from the clink in March and hellllllooooooo sailor!

Now, we're not ones to reward bad behaviour, but the guy has done his time, K? And aren't prisons supposed to be about rehabilitation more than anything? And we can't go past a good story that starts off tragically and ends on a positive note, right?

Well positive note THIS:

Yep, Prison Bae's mugshot wasn't just a one-off thing. This bad boy is sexy AF and it looks like there are people out there who see his true potential. So proud of you, bae. His Instagram reveals that he has been picked up by White Cross Management which we have no doubt is going to send him soaring through the modelling stratosphere with huge success. Best part is, the agency website has even used his mugshot on his comp-card. Now THAT is taking a really shitty situation and turning it into something glorious.

We hope we only see this beautiful human on billboards from now on. He'll still be on America's Most Wanted list... just not for criminal activity, if you know what we mean, eh? Eh?! RELATED: Felon with the hottest mugshot ever is out of prison