Ray J basically just revealed Kris Jenner leaked Kim Kardashian's sex tape

“If you’re intelligent you’ll read between the lines”.

By Erin Van Der Meer
Ray J basically just revealed Kris Jenner leaked Kim Kardashian's sex tape

Kim Kardashian’s partner in her infamous sex tape, singer Ray J, just gave the biggest hint yet that Kris Jenner was behind the video.

Those of you familiar with your ~Kardashian konspiracies~ will know it’s long been speculated that it was Kris’ idea for Kim to leak a sex tape, in order to copy the success of Paris Hilton who rose to fame after a video of her in the act went public.

Pretty messed up, right? A mum encouraging her daughter to make and secretly leak a sex tape? It sounds too outrageous to be true, but the other person in the tape, Ray J, basically just claimed that’s exactly what happened.

When asked in an interview with Heat if he thought Kim was ‘obsessed’ with the idea of being famous back when they were dating, Ray J replied:

“I only did my part [in making her famous]. As a man I tried to play my part in the situation. If you're intelligent you can read between the lines”.

He added that Kris Jenner is “a true hustler”.

Yup, Ray J just gave a big old wink wink, nudge nudge that Kim’s sex tape leak was planned in order to make Kim famous.

Interestingly, in another interview this week, this time with BBC Radio 1 (Ray J just had a brief stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK, hence all the interviews), he indicated that he’d been silenced by someone from talking about his sex tape with Kim, and was annoyed when Kanye incorporated Kim and Ray J’s rendezvous in his “Famous” song and music video.

“It was hypocritical to me, it was like 'why can't I speak on it then?'” he said.

Ray J’s wife Princess Love, who was also in the interview, had some thoughts on that, too.

“You want to speak on it now that you're ready to sell records? Don't try to blackball him out of music, then talk about it when you're ready to make music, make money and profit from it.”

The question is, do we believe Ray J? What motive would he have to lie? Where are Benson and Stabler when you need ‘em?!

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