Drake and Rihanna WORK each other up in a seriously steamy way

Did we mention there was a NEAR KISS?!

By Bianca Mastroianni

So if the multiple videos that Rihanna released for new track 'Work' didn't literally get you worked up enough with the grinding and what-not with Drake, then this onstage appearance definitely will.

On Rihanna's Miami leg of her 'ANTI' tour, she brought out her not-so-boyfriend-boyfriend Drake on stage to accompany her for their song 'Work', and can we just say OOFT, it got steamy up there.

In some serious grind-action that could rival Miley circa 2013, Rihanna shakes her money-maker all over Drake's...baby maker and he even goes in for a damn kiss.

Granted, Rihanna does the typical turn away and laugh it off like the subtle gal she is, but seriously guys the tension up there is thicker than what's growing in Drake's pants...


Na na na na work work work work work that backside RiRi.

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