Rihanna is ALL of us posting snark about douchey ex-boyfriends on Instagram

Ain’t no chance of getting sunburnt in this SHADE.

By Lorna Gray

It’s probably safe to say we don’t have ex-boyfriends who quite reach the douchebaggery levels of Rihanna’s exes (cough, Chris Brown, cough cough), but we can still totally relate to her latest Instagram.

In typical Rihanna DGAF style, she posted the following meme along with the trophy emoji, which, let’s face it ladies, is just the realest…

But who’s Princess RiRi referring to?

The obvious choice would be Brown but could also be referring to Leonardo DiCaprio at a push?

The one person we reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyREALLY don’t want it to be about is Drake. Because #AubrihLives and please NO.

Anyway, Rihanna, she’s just like us. (If we were totally awesome.)