Rihanna spent the weekend photoshopping the Queen’s head onto her body and people are NOT having it

One is not impressed!

By Mahalia Chang
Rihanna Queen Elizabeth photoshop.

When Queen Elizabeth II had her 91st birthday on Friday, people around the world celebrated in all different types of ways. Some bought her flowers, some wrote messages to her on Twitter, Prince George made her an arts and crafts card, and Riri celebrated by photoshopping her head onto various photos of herself — because she knows the greatest gift one could ever receive is the gift of getting to look like Rihanna.

The 29-year-old chose four pretty baller outfits to splice herself and Her Majesty in — one all green look with thigh-high boots (the Queen’s hat matched here!):

Her Saint Laurent heart-shaped red coat (sunglasses = nice touch):

Her crystal body suit with jorts look from Coachella (the Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara adds a touch of extra sparkle):

And an undone Chanel tweed suit with a purple ponytail and forty in hand:

Personally we think it’s a pretty good collaboration — Elizabeth is the Queen of England, and Rihanna is the Queen of Everything Else. But not everyone was in agreement, of course. Photoshopping a revered international icon and beloved royal who is worshipped around the world with ol’ Lizzie was always going to turn some heads.

One user thought Rih’s trangessions were worth a Snoop-Dogg-banned-from-Norway-esque travel ban, writing, “You're a disgrace please please do not ever come to Britain again.”

(Spoiler! She will.)

Whilst another thought a threat was more appropriate: “British people love their queen! With this recent post you are so disrespectful, this will cost you! How you can be so dumb to post this? Just because you are a VIP and American? Wtf… this is so rude.”

We wonder how people feel about the reverse?