Rihanna has responded to those cocaine rumours in the most Rihanna way possible

Coke or smoke?

Rihanna cocaine

Earlier this week a video surfaced that showed Rihanna sitting at a booth doing what many people thought was cocaine. But, just as Gigi Hadid did before her, RiRi has used social media to shut down those claims.

@BadGalRiRi shared the below photo of herself holding a can of Coke with the caption "#petty" which we’re translating to mean "I only do one kind of Coke and this is it, peasants."

Further to this, a screenshot of a comment on said video, reportedly post by Rihanna is much more vocal. However it’s not clear where it originated from.

Well, that does seem like something RiRi would say. And, in another post on Rihanna’s Instagram account, she shares a video similar to the questionable one and in hers it does kind of look like a joint.

Well, that's that! And remember, kids, #HugsNotDrugs (as Gigi Hadid so eloquently put it).