R-Pattz’s creepy fetish…

Robert Pattinson has revealed his biggest turn on in a lady, and it’s totally not what you’d expect…

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has had a firm position on our “Hot Male Celebrity Actors” list for a long time now. But the 27-year-old Twilight actor has revealed something that could force us to seriously reconsider his place on the list.

Speaking to Portugese magazine Activa recently, R-Pattz spoke about his biggest turn on when it comes to ladies. And rather than “full lips” or “a toned body”, Robert has listed a woman’s scent as the thing that he covets most. Yep, your smell. Kinda creepy, huh?!

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfume. I like the smell of people. It is really strange and I’m sure it has to do with pheromones. We like people because subconsciously we like the way they smell. I always find this very interesting to observe,” he explained.

Thanks R-Pattz, we’re so glad you clarified that it’s not our expensive perfume that drives you wild, it’s more our natural stench. Delightful.

And it’s not the first time R-Pattz has been shown to have a (creepy) fetish for a lady's smell. In 2012 his then girlfriend Kristen Stewart opened up to Vogue about his scent obsession.

“I’m so in love with my boyfriend. I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love — don’t you think that’s the whole point?”

OK, way too much information K-Stew! But it kind of explains where Rob's obsessed-with-smell thing started, right?

While we’re glad that Rob’s over Kristen and is now dating 22-year-old model (and Sean Penn’s daughter) Dylan, we’re kind of scared for her (and her armpits!).

At least R-Pattz’s creepy smell obsession is sort of on-brand. After all, he is the face of men's cologne Dior Homme…