Robyn Lawley for Sports Illustrated?

The Aussie babe posts selfie from the magazine’s office as she vies for the coveted cover.

Some of the biggest names in modelling, like Heidi Klum, Bar Rafaeli, Tyra Banks, Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen and Irina Shayk have graced the pages of the much coveted Sports Illustrated magazine swimsuit edition, and Robyn Lawley wants in on the action.

The Cosmo cover girl and all round hottie posted a picture on Instagram yesterday of her in front of the mag’s wall-mounted logo to let the world know she had been into the office.

A story appeared on the Sports Illustrated website soon after, listing Robyn as one of the hopefuls for the 2015 edition alongside an interview.

“I would love to change the opinion of plus-size girls. I always feel people are surprised when they work with one of us and find that we can, in fact, model very well,” she says, arguing her case for the cover.

“Just because we’re not a size zero doesn’t mean we can’t model effectively. It flabbergasts me. . . .

“This can be said about older models and different ethnicities, too. Fashion should be indicative of the world. . . . [W]e’re not all 16-year-old Russian teens. I feel every catwalk and every editorial spread should feature all different types of bodies and faces.”

She also talks about her love of DJing, which the people at Sports Ilustrated seem to think is the coolest thing ever.

“[I love] remixing music and playing shows. I really love dub-step and electro types of music,” she reavealed.

“I really love all music, though. Music is half of my life. If I could I would be making music.”

So maybe she’ll be a famous pop star after she conquers the iconic swimsuit cover. Seeing as she’s already crossed model, cook book author, swimsuit designer and painter off the list, she might as well go for it.

If it were up to us, there couldn’t be a more baben cover choice. Just check out these swimsuit pics from her Cosmo shoot if you need convincing…