'I felt like shit': Robyn Lawley just slammed Victoria's Secret

She's over it.

Cosmo cover girl and Aussie modelling icon Robyn Lawley is sick to death of Victoria's Secret's unrealistic standards and she won't stand for it any longer.

The 29-year-old babe is calling for everyone to boycott the annual lingerie show because they still refuse to feature a plus-size model on their runway.

"I've felt like shit every year looking at that show. I shouldn't have to feel that way," Robyn told The Daily Telegraph.

"Where's the inclusivity? Where's the diversity? The perfection is ­intense. I want actual cellulite on a catwalk, I want girls to be relatable," she said.

Robyn said she was concerned for the sake of her daughter, Ripley, who she wants to have a positive body image as she gets older.

"The fact that it affected me so much growing up and we are all compared to what is deemed 'perfection,' I don't want her to have to experience that," she said.

As much as we love the VS girls, it's true that they all have the same body type, and it's not exactly achievable.

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Robyn also gave Cosmo a shout-out on her Instagram, writing: "Thank you for featuring my swimsuits, thank you for believing in diversity Cosmopolitan Australia."

Right back atcha, Robyn.