A lip reader reveals what Prince Harry whispered to Meghan Markle at the altar


By Erin Cook

Whether you're a royal fan or not, you have to admit it — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pretty goddamn cute.

When the pair announced their engagement in late November, we got a rare glimpse into their relationship. At the time, Harry and Meghan gave a lengthy interview to the BBC, detailing how they met, the proposal and how their relationship has blossomed. It was obvious from the get-go that the pair share a special bond.

Today, Harry and Meghan are (finally!) getting hitched at St George's Chapel, Windson.

After walking up the aisle with Prince Charles, Meghan met Harry at the altar. When he saw his bride, Harry whispered something in her ear.

According to Cosmo US, James Freeston, a professional lip reader at 121Captions, was able to decipher what Harry said. He reportedly asked Meghan: "Are you OK? You look amazing."

In response to her (almost) husband's compliment, Meghan replied, "thank you," and then asked him an inaudible question. Harry then responded, "Absolutely."

Honestly?! RIP us. These guys are too much.