RuPaul's ~iconic~ life is being turned into a TV show and we 100% would watch

The TV show we need and deserve.

By Grace O'Neill
RuPaul TV Series In The Works

Your fave, the newly-married drag legend RuPaul, is about to have his ~iconic~ life turned into a TV series, according to new reports. There's a good chance you only know RuPaul from his eye-wateringly amazing, Emmy-nominated reality TV series RuPaul's Drag Race, and may be wondering "what would a TV show about him even include?"

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As it turns out, in his life and career, RuPaul Andre Charles has done a lot more than just create my favourite TV show ever. From his humble beginnings in Louisiana to his years as a struggling musician and underground filmmaker in the '80s, to his role in the gay club scene in the '90s and eventual rise to super-stardom releasing hit singles, signing to a modelling contract with MAC and earning the title of "the first drag queen supermodel"—I think we can all agree he's had a pretty ~fabulous~ life.

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The show, which will be directed and produced by J.J Abrams (you may have heard of a little movie he directed recently called STAR WARS) will likely also touch on Ru's relationship with George LeBar, his Australian partner of 23 years who he married in January.

There's no word yet on the release date, casting decisions (seriously, who on Earth will they pick to play Ru????) but trust us when we say we'll be updating as details emerge.

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