Ryan Gosling: child star

Even the super-babe R-Gos was a dorky child at one point and this uncovered vid proves it!

Ryan Gosling

When we look at Ryan Gosling strut down the red carpet in a designer suit or appear with rippling abs in movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love., it’s kind of hard to imagine that he could have ever been a meek little child, let alone a dorky one, right?

But thanks to the interwebs, we’ve now got video evidence of Ryan as a skinny little kid of the ‘80s. One word, Mr Gosling: adorable! A true kid of the decade, Ryan has a side parted ‘do, a striped T-shirt and denim overalls on, and his exaggerated facial expressions prove that he’s come a long way in the acting stakes since his childhood actor days.

Honestly, we could watch adult Ryan and baby Ryan act all day, but in news that has surely broken hearts all over the globe, R-Gos recently claimed that he won’t be practicing his craft for much longer.

"I've lost perspective on what I'm doing. I think it's good for me to take a break and reassess why I'm doing it and how I'm doing it… I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does." Whhhhyyyyy Ryan, WHY?

We think he’s jaded – we DO NOT need a break from him or his abs.

Do yourself a favour and watch this adorable clip of Ryan Gosling as you’ve never seen him.