Earth's hottest dude, Ryan Gosling is a hot moon man in the 'First Man' trailer

Mission accomplished.

Ryan Gosling's role in First Man sees him play Neil Armstrong in a story about the late astronaut's history-making walk on the moon.

In the Damien Chazelle film (the same director of La La Land fame), The Gos stars opposite The Crown's Claire Foy in the 1969-set space movie to show the scary AF risks these normal family men—ie Neil, Buzz and co— were taking to accomplish that one giant leap for mankind.

So, spoiler alert... he makes it to the moon and back! But the film looks like one helluva ride that leaves us with a lot of intrigue, namely: What moisturiser is Ryan using 'cos the guy looks 10 fkn years YOUNGER in this?!

Also starring Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler and Aussie actor, Jason Clarke (who will be everywhere this year after also starring in Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey's terrifying new thriller, Serenity) the film is due to be released on October 12.