Nobody wanted the role of Noah in 'The Notebook', except Ryan Gosling of course.

Thank god for the Gos.

By Bianca Mastroianni

The best male lead in the entire world has to be Noah Calhoun in The Notebook. Like, seriously. Come at us, Ryan Gosling.

It's also the movie that got women around the world noticing/obsessing over him, but now Nicholas Sparks has dropped a crazy truthbomb: he only got the part because nobody else wanted it(!).

Sparks was promoting his latest comedy The Choice' and told IMDb Asks that many actors turned down the role of Noah because he was basically a boring human.

"It was really interesting because a lot of the actors said, ‘Well, what’s Noah’s ark?’” explained Sparks. “It’s a guy who falls in love and then he just kinda does nothing, and then waits for her to show up and then he’s there and he’s still in love and then at the end of the film, well, he’s still in love. Where’s the ark?”

But along came Ryan, man of our dreams, who took Noah to a whole new level - which we can see on screen 200%

“Ryan Gosling came in and he really brought that story to life.”

Like we're even surprised...

Interestingly, in a 2012 interview with Company magazine, Ryan revealed that the director of the movie cast him because he looked insane.

“[Cassavettes] called me to meet him at his house,” Gosling said. “When I got there, he was standing in his backyard, and he looked at me and said, ‘I want you to play this role because you’re not like the other young actors out there in Hollywood. You’re not handsome, you’re not cool, you’re just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts.’”

Later in an interview with VH1, Cassavetes said: “When I told [New Line Cinema] I wanted to hire Ryan for the lead, they kind of looked at me like I was out of my mind.”

Seems like it was all well worth it though, and we can basically guarentee all those other actors asking where Noah's ark was need to go back to church.

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