Why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds don't let their daughters visit Ryan on set

This actually makes a lot of sense...

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Kids Banned From Deadpool set

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and their adorable daughter James and Inez are indisputably family #goals. The family reportedly travel together while each famous parent shoots their respectively Hollywood blockbusters, meaning Blake brought the kids along to visit Ryan while he was filming Deadpool 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2016's irreverant cult hit Deadpool last year.

Speaking to the US's ABC News, Ryan revealed that the process actually proved a little difficult, seeing as his character's face is covered in disfiguring burns. James and Inez were were reportedly so disturbed the first time they saw him in prosthetics that the famous parents decided to stop the girls from coming on set all together.

"I leave in the morning looking like Dad and by the time, you know, they arrive at lunchtime, I look like I fell asleep on a stove," he said. "It's pretty brutal". This lead Blake and Ryan to decide to keep the kids off-set during the filming of the majority of Deadpool 2, occasionally dropping by when they knew he wasn't in makeup.

"Blake and I we were just like, 'Let's... no more kids... [they] aren't coming to set when I'm in the makeup. They can come in when I'm in the suit, but not the makeup."

The makeup in question reportedly takes more than 3 hours to create, giving Deadpool the appearance of being horribly burned.

Deadpool 2 is in cinemas now, and let's look at this picture of Ryan (out of makeup) and Blake at the premiere... just because.