We have sad news for Pitch Perfect fans

Get your tissues ready, ‘cos it’s about to be an end of an era.

That’s right, while we eagerly await the release of Pitch Perfect 3 at the end of the year, we’ve just been dropped a bomb by the film’s screenwriter that after the third installment our beloved Bellas are likely to be no more.

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"I think that people will cry," Kay Cannon told E! News. "I think it's the end of the Bellas as we know them. If there's a Pitch Perfect 4, it will be a new crop."

But why? WHY?

"I had the feeling when I visited set," she continued, speaking of the actors’ tiring schedules. "They were full of tears and like, 'How much longer can we be singing a cappella?'"

Um. Longer, maybe? Pretty please?

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Whether a fourth film is actually in the pipeline is yet to be confirmed, but either way our hearts remain heavy at the thought of another Pitch Perfect without our Barden Bellas. It seems the feeling is mutual for the Bellas too, with Rebel Wilson posting a tear-jerking tribute to the girls on Instagram.

Excuse us while we rewatch our DVDs and try not to sob too loudly #BELLASFORLIFE.

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