Apparently, Sam Cochrane is heading into ‘The Bachelorette’ mansion to try his luck with Ali Oetjen

Tara who?

By Erin Cook

Can we all please join in a minute of silence to mourn the relationship of Bachelor in Paradise favourites Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic?

Right, now that that's out of the way, we have an important announcement to make: According to NW Magazine, Sam has been given the option of healing his broken heart by joining Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette as an intruder.

If Sam decides to take Network Ten up on the offer, this will be his third attempt at a reality TV romance. We were first introduced to Sammy (or 'Uncle Sam') on Sophie Monk's season. He then went on to star in Bachelor in Paradise — and we all know what happened there.

Third time's a charm? "They told him there's a spot waiting for him on Ali Oetjen's season as an intruder if he wants it," the source told NW. "He never got a chance to see if there was a spark with Ali [in Paradise] because he was head over heels for Tara, but now he has one."

Sam might be ready to get back out there on the dating scene but TBH, we're still hoping that he and Tara will work things out. Did BIP mean nothing??!

Uncle Sam announced the break up on June 30 with a heartbreaking Instagram post:

"The fairytale that I took part in was deep and surreal. My proposal was meant to be forever but life sometimes takes you away from the dream and you wake up.

"So…deep breath…. this has come to an end. I loved Tara with my whole heart and those two people in Fiji fell completely. Watching something you valued fall apart and what you love follow a different path is one of the most difficult things."

"My heart feels broken and obviously having it play out in public adds so many difficult dimensions."

"I forgot about the cameras in Fiji and I simply fell in love. The truth is difficult but the path ahead will show the way. Obviously there has been speculation for some time but I needed to know for sure before making anything public. That has been hard. Our time together will always hold a beautiful and difficult place in my heart… I got to see that love is real and powerful…. and it is. I'll find it again."

Will we see Sam's familiar face on The Bachelorette? We'll have to wait another few months to find out.