Sam Frost Could Be the Bachelorette Again and Wait, What?!

Sasha who?

sam frost bachelorette return

Australia’s favourite unluckiest woman in love, Sam Frost, could be soon publically on the prowl again if reports of her return to The Bachelorette are to be believed.

According to NW magazine, the freshly single Sam is set to dust off her roses in a bid to find another match on the Channel Ten show that thrust her into fame.

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“Sam's been in talks with the show's producers,” a source told the magazine.

Apparently, they’re looking for a big name to draw in as many eyeballs as possible – especially important considering the network’s recent dismal ratings (read: it bombed faster and harder than a Saturday night Yagerbomb) of the latest incarnation of The Biggest Loser and mediocre results for last season's Bachelorette offerings.

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Since her recent split with Sasha Mielczarek, for whom she fell for in 2015’s inaugural season of The Bachelorette and whom dated for 18 months, Sam’s now back on the market.

“And there's no-one better than Sam,” the source told the mag.

The 2day FM producer hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to matters of the heart – she was originally a contestant on The Bachelor in 2014, vying for Blake Garvey’s love. While she technically won that season, the high didn’t last long – she was publically humiliated after Blake dropped her for third runner-up Louise Pillidge as soon as the show wrapped.

So will she re-enlist Osher Gunsburg’s services as her wingman and head back to The Bachelorette mansion? We sure as hell hope so! Third time's a charm, after all!

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