Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn are official and YES, LOVE IS REAL

Pls write many songs about this romance, Sam.

Sam Smith and 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn were spotted out and about in NYC smooching the heck out of each other last month, but the two have just gone official, and we couldn’t be more stoked!

… Especially as this was Sam’s one request after winning a fuck tonne of Grammy awards:

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Sam Smith has been out of the closet for yonks, celebrating his sexuality by being open and honest (and writing amazing, heart-wrenching songs about his relationships that literally break our souls in half when we listen to them). But this relationship is the first public one that Brandon has had with a dude — and what a dude to come out with! Great choice, bro. <3

To celebrate all that is Brandon and Sam, we’ve rounded up their cutest couple moments so far — including everything from their early-days dates and their adorable Insta story mentions.

Sam and Brandon’s date day in NYC

Brandon’s adorable obsession with Sam’s music

Brandon winning best boyf award for fangirling over Sam

Sam and Brandon out to dinner, taking selfies and shit

We love you two!