Hold up, did Sam Wood accidentally let slip that he and Snezana Markoski are married?

The ‘Bachelor’ alums just welcomed their first baby!

By Jessica Chandra

Australian Bachelor history was made this week when Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood welcomed Australia’s first baby brought to us them by The Bachelor Australia!

Willow Wendy Wood arrived into the world on Sunday night, four days ahead of her due date. Proud new papa Sam gave his first interview about the birth to the KIIS Network’s Hughesy & Kate, where he shared details about the labour, and how Willow is “the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see.”

Important things we learned from the interview: the contractions started on Sunday, but they thought it could have been a false alarm. After being told their obstetrician was running late (exactly the news you wanna hear when you’re about to have a baby), the couple was told to go for a walk, so they stopped by McDonald’s for a late-night snack, before heading back to the hospital for the real thing.

Snez was a trooper and went through labour without an epidural — she regretted it later on, but by that point it was too late for her to have one.

But she was lucky that her labour only lasted “a couple of hours.”

Everything happened so quickly the way Sam put it: “One minute we’re eating Macca’s and watching The Block, then two hours later it was all happening, and my life will never be the same again. It was the most amazing thing.”

There was one part of the interview that especially made our ears prick up. While recounting the McDonald’s pit stop, Sam said, “It’s 7 o’clock at night, nothing’s open, we get down to Victoria Street there in Collingwood, and the only thing that’s open is McDonald’s — I’m not a big McDonald’s eater! It’s not really where I should be going! But Snez was like, ‘I want McDonald’s.’ If your wife — or fiancée — is about to about to go into labour and wants a cheeseburger, you get her a cheeseburger!”

Uh, did Sam slip up and call Snezana his ‘wife’! Well, he definitely said it, and then he recovered by saying “or fiancée.”

Either they’ve gotten married in secret, or they could be one of those couples that call each other “wife” and “husband” before tying the knot. Also, this is not the first time the couple has been at the centre of secret wedding reports

In the same interview, Sam revealed that Willow Wendy Wood was named for his late mother. “She’s named after my mum, her middle name is Wendy,” he said. “It was pretty special.” Sam’s mother, passed away when he was only 15 from cancer.

And yes, even though he comes across as a super tough personal trainer guy — well, because he is — Sam would not hold back the tears when Willow was born. “As soon as she came out I burst into tears,” he recalled. “Sobbing. It was so weird. I couldn’t stop! Every time I looked at her I cried. And then the next day, every time I looked at her I cried.”

So sweet.

Willow is the first child for Sam, but Snezana already has a teenage daughter, Eve, from a previous relationship. Snez was the first single mother to appear on The Bachelor, and then the first single mother to win, so she’s really broken a lot of Bachelor records in Australia.

Congrats again to this perfect Bachelor couple — may their amazing love story serve as ~inspiration~ for all current and future couples from the show.