Sarah Michelle Gellar live tweeting the Britney Spears biopic is literally all of us

'90s Kweens stick together y’all.

By Natasha Harding
Sarah Michelle Gellar Britney Spears

If, like us, you were hella excited for the Britney Spears’ Lifetime biopic Britney Ever After, and the promise of reliving all those mems, then this weekend was likely one helluva disappointment.

Rather than praising the ‘90s kween in all her snake-hugging, hair whipping glory, the unoffish movie has been burned by fans for dragging Brit:

Safe to say, the internet was not happy AT ALL and peeps were reliving the Chris Crocker moment all over again.

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And it turns out that fellow 90’s kween Sarah Jessica Gellar also tuned in to the movie. Just like the fans, she was not here for it and decided to live tweet her horror throughout.

It all started out tame enough with some unimpressed commentary on the scripting sitch.

Then things started to get heated...

Having a 'Buffy' reference mid-way through meant Sarah also needed to resolve any ambiguity:

Then she pointed out how ridic this scene was:

Before Sarah decided to shut it down and log off for the night.

Next day, Sarah logged back on to confirm her solidarity with her '90s gal.

'Cause Buffy & Britney 4eva <33.

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