Did Scott Disick just accidentally confirm Khloé Kardashian’s pregnancy?!


By Natasha Harding
Scott Disick Khloe Kardashian

With four out of five of the Kardashian sisters rumoured to be expecting a baby in the next year, everybody is looking for signs to confirm whether any/every suspected pregnancy is true. So far the fam have stayed tight-lipped about the topic, only dropping subtle hints (thanks Kris Jenner), but now we might have something more solid to latch on to.

Scott Disick (who’s apparently dating Sofia Richie) has finally addressed the claims, and might have accidentally confirmed that Khloé Kardashian is expecting.

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When asked for his advice to Khlo about raising a kid, he said, “I don't really need to give advice per se because, we are right there. It's not like long-distance, ‘hey, maybe you should try this?’ Everybody is so hands-on that I feel like it will happen within time. So no real advice in that sense.”


Okay, stay with us, because notice how he said ‘will’, rather than ‘would’, and “I don’t really need to give her advice”, instead of ‘wouldn’t’?

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“I feel like all of us are so close that all of our children are kind of brought up in the same vicinity, or one block over, that everybody's kind of there for each other,” he added.

Admittedly, we could just be reading too much into the semantics, but at this point we’re clinging to any sign we have and this might just be the innocent slip up Kris has been waiting for before she confirms the news for good.