Scott Disick just made a pretty hilarious Instagram blunder

Can you see what’s wrong with this post?

Scott Disick just made an Instagram boo boo. Which, we admit, isn’t a big deal, but you can’t help but laugh at his accidental caption.

It’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners make serious dollar from sponsored Insta posts, often spruiking random AF stuff that we KNOW ain’t their usual selfie material.

SooOoOOoooOo genuine.

Earlier today when he had to share a sponsored post promoting Boo Tea protein shake, The Lord must have been feeling particularly lazy, and so just copy and pasted the suggested caption from an email from the company’s marketing team.

That’s all good, nobody will ever know, right? WRONG. Because he also copied the intro from the person who wrote the email. And him being a semi-Kardashian and this being ~the internet~ it was screen grabbed and shared before he even had a chance to notice what he did.

He’s since changed the caption and we imagine he’s also been left feeling a little red-faced. Either that, or his social media manager has been sacked. Either way, we're sure the $15,000 - $20,000 he gets for his next sponsored post will soften the blow.