SPOTTED: Selena Gomez and two V famous models fan girling over The Weeknd

‘Cos fan girling is more fun in numbers!

By Matt Galea
SPOTTED: Selena Gomez and two V famous models fan girling over The Weeknd

Selena Gomez has reached peak fan girl level of late. She is currently tagging along with her bae, The Weeknd as he tours Europe and the 24-year-old just can’t resist rocking up to his shows to dance her sweet heart out in the crowd!

She has been spotted in Abel’s crowd twice over the past week on her lonesome and now she has brought two of her model friends along to fan girl with her.

‘Cos ya know, fan girling is more fun in numbers!

The model friends in question are Sara Sampaio and Georgia Fowler who joined Sel at her man’s show in Paris.

Sarah uploaded a video to her Instagram story where the hot trio were having the time of their friggen lives.

After the show, Sara and Georgia tagged along with Abelena for a night out at 1 OAK’s pop up, L’Arc for his official after party where they were later joined by Daft Punk and Travis Scott.

The singers are currently enjoying their second vacay together, the first being that hot AF trip to Italy earlier this year and another trip together so soon after the first is a telltale sign that their relationship is on the fast track!

The loved up pair have a whole lotta buzz around them ATM and their friends couldn’t be happier, with a source claiming that Selena is "crazy in love" and The Weeknd could be "the one" for her.

“Selena is having the absolute time of her life, and says she’s never felt happier or more loved,” the insider told HollywoodLife.com. “Her relationship with The Weeknd is everything she ever dreamed a perfect relationship would be like — he’s passionate, loving, respectful, kind, generous, giving, and just so nice to her.”

We would personally like to thank Abelena for restoring our faith in L-O-V-E.